Performing Members

Rosie Cheex

The tenacious tease

Founder of The Gritty City Sirens

Heather Hostility

Ava D Jor

Polly Pucker Up

Funny Face Fanny

Kitty Kisses

The Feral Fascinator


Dessi DeVine

The Duchess of Destiny City

Dessi DeVine has been performing since she shimmied her way into this world. A debutant with a wrecking ball, she constantly pushes limits and hair volume with her unforgettable stage presence and illuminating gaze. Her love of Jazz, Blues and early vaudeville history lends to her taste for class and hips full of sass. You can find her dining with royalty, or grinding in an underground juke joint, but you will always see her dripping in rhinestones and topped with plumes. She blends sensuality with impeccable comedic timing, served shaken not stirred- with lots of olives. An artist, philanthropist, producer, and stage performer she is the self-proclaimed Duchess of Destiny city and our Darling Diva.

Pink ChamPain

Wait till you get a taste of Pink' deliciously sweet bubbles,  You'll know she gives more bounce to the ounce!  This intoxicating beauty pours out dance styles of Hip Hop, Modern, and Latin, with hint of Twerk!  Her glamour and sass mesmerizes audiences near and far. Hold onto your bottles Ladies and Gents, this Booty will pop your cork!  Cheers! 

Adora Borealis

Ivanna Twirl




Lady GoDiva

Introducing Lady GoDiva "The Coy Diva" who is pleased to tease and toy with your emotions through the art of opera displaying her vocal feats of coloratura by tickling your fancy with her tinkling tones and gliding glissandos. Feel waves of emotion in opera dynamics as pianos crescendo into fortes only to subside to a pianissimo